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Our Values 

Helping your loved ones live their best life.

At D iverse Active Living we want you to feel energised, happy and fulfilled after spending time with us. We are firm believer's in creating a cheerful and energetic atmosphere which has proven to assist with better sleep, calm behaviour and minimise negative thoughts.

The importance of reliable and trustworthy day support is something we value within our day services.

It is important for us to offer affordable day care for local communities that are supported by local authority funding and those that would benefit privately from the service. 

For the smaller communities that are under funded, people are at a higher risk of social isolation and loneliness, something which Diverse wish to change!

Day services, like ours, are vital in local communities to help combat these issues. Studies show how even a small amount of time of human interaction and social activities can reduce stress, anxiety and help battle low moods.

Diverse Active Living Day Service provides vital support, not only on a individual basis, but as a support network for families too. Caring for a loved one with a disability or mental illness can be a challenging experience. Our day service can assist with support in these areas as we work closely with families to build the ideal person centred support plan to ensure you feel content, valued and respected whilst in our care.

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